Ultimate Espresso Martini

Sophisticated, edgy and unexpectedly strong, the Espresso Martini has earned its classic cocktail status. Recreate the classic Espresso Martini with our step-by-step guide, using freshly brewed espresso, a dash of coffee liqueur and a simple sugar syrup.


  • 35ml Edwards 1902 Vodka
  • 35ml Edwards 1902 Coffee Liqueur
  • 35ml Fresh Espresso
  • Sugar Syrup (to taste)
  • Coffee beans to garnish
  • Glass – coupe or martini glass

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  1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Add the vodka, coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee and sugar syrup (if using)
  3. Shake for 10-20 seconds
  4. Strain into your glass, allow the froth to settle and add coffee beans to garnish


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