Community Spirit

Community Spirit

From dirty martinis to clean hands.

While many of us are, no doubt, in need of a stiff drink during these challenging times, our team has collectively agreed that – for the time being – there are some things that need to take priority over vodka.

The unfolding and uncertain COVID-19 situation has highlighted that, in the short-term, our distillery could be put to better use in helping to combat the nationwide hand sanitiser shortages and assisting with meeting the increasing demand.

We’ve been contacted by many businesses and voluntary organisations – from care homes to homeless charities – asking if we can help with sanitiser, so we are working around the clock to produce much needed hand rub.

Despite these exceptionally challenging times, we feel that it’s so important to continue working behind the scenes on projects that help the community and lift spirits, even in the smallest of ways. Our potato growing business, AKP, has already donated over two tonnes of potatoes in 25kg bags to Yorkshire FareShare – a charity that helps to combat poverty and hunger across the Yorkshire region.

We believe we should all have access to the essentials, so we’ve begun our new journey of spirit to sanitiser. To ensure nobody goes without when it is very much needed, we’re delivering our first batches of Elsham Wold Distillery hand sanitiser to key workers and organisations most in need. Understandably, we are prioritising the most vulnerable, but we are working hard to produce enough so that it will soon be available to everyone.

We hope this will help our local community and, in particular, those who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe. And we’ll look forward to getting back to our first love of vodka as soon as possible so that we can share it with you.

Thank you for your support and patience.


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