Double Gold Winning Coffee Liqueur Continues to Impress

After the Double Gold Best in Class win from the San Fran World Spirits Competition, Edwards Cold-Brew Coffee Liqueur just keeps on impressing – and inspiring – with some unique, must-try cocktails being shared with us by some of the industry’s influential drinks connoisseurs. 

The Chai Butterscotch Espresso martini created by Jack, better known by his Instagram handle of the Scottish mixologist, looks like an incredible take on the ever popular espresso martini. The Coffee Liqueur always seems to spark ideas for mixologists because there are just endless possibilities and Jack’s recent fascination with coffee-based drinks made this collab a dream come true! 

We chatted to Scottish mixologist, Jack, about why Edwards 1902 was the perfect partner for his latest recipe:  

What makes Edwards so special? 

“Edwards 1902 can point to a field down the road from their distillery and say “that’s where our potatoes come from” and there are very few distillers that can claim such provenance. Edwards clearly have a passion for their potatoes, and this follows through to the spirits and products they create with them”  

Why are the coffee liqueur and English potato vodka award-worthy? 

“I thought the coffee liqueur had a wonderful rich coffee flavour that wasn’t overly sweet. Often, market coffee liqueurs have a high amount of sugar and use low quality coffee and base spirit. Whereas with this you can tell that the Guatemalan beans and potato vodka base make such a difference. The potato vodka is a great, crisp vodka that suits a variety of cocktails. It’s got an inherent vanilla-like sweetness that means it gels extremely well in a cocktail setting.”  

What was the inspiration for the Chai Butterscotch Espresso Martini?  

“The Chai Butterscotch Espresso Martini was a manifestation of some of my favourite flavours. I’ve been exploring coffee recently and found I most enjoyed the spicy notes that occasionally jump out. With the excellent coffee liqueur and vodka in my mind, I wanted to recreate a cocktail I made many moons ago and was pleasantly surprised at the upgrade these new products made to this drink.”  


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